I love people and I love music.  I am blessed to co-join the two. ~ HLD

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Bach is an astronomer, discovering the most marvelous stars.  Beethoven challenges the universe.  I only try to express the soul and the heart of man.

                                       - Frederic Chopin

    My beautiful Daddy and Moma 

   Rev. & Mrs. Benjaman and Inola Driver

  Teacher ~

   Ho​lley Driver, M.A., B.A., NBCT


   With more than 15 years of experience in music lessons, Holley Driver provides award-winning instruction to students. She is motivated by her love of music and the passion to transfer her knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine.​​

     Besides teaching piano, she is also a gifted musician and grew up playing and singing at 

First Pentecostal, Century, as well as numerous other concerts and venues. She taught Music Education in the Escambia County, Florida School District for over 15 years teaching Music classes, also producing and directing Choral and Musical Performances that have been received with many accolades.    She served as Choral Director at Aldersgate United Methodist Church for nine years during which the Choir grew under her direction and leadership.


     My Love for Music was developed at an early age.  My Moma and Daddy were musical and they instilled a desire and love for musical knowledge in me.  They realized the added value of formal music instruction and I began formal training at age six. Moma and Daddy kept me in private lessons and I am so thankful to them for the sacrifices they made to realize my musical goals and desires. They attended the symphony, opera, and various concerts with me to gain exposure to both classical and other genre's of music. A memorable highlight was attending the Van Cliburn Internation Piano Competition in Texas.  I Thank God that He allowed me to be born to my Moma and Daddy; I also thank God for giving the gift of music to me. I desire sincerely to use this gift for His glory.

   ....and with my song I praise Him....Psalms 28:7

     She holds both Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music Education and Interdisciplinary Humanities with Emphasis in Music from the University of West Florida, and is also a National Board Certified Teacher. 

     She studied with acclaimed

Concert Pianist and Steinway Artist,

Pierre Huybregts, to which she credits her development of technique and artistry to which she has received much applause.


    She loves to play and sing to her most devoted listener, Star.  He is her Clumber Spaniel Baby, and her dearest friend in the world ~ next to her Moma, of course. 


    She is available for church concerts and  

 piano performances, including weddings,

 receptions, and other special occasions. Please use the Contact Form to email Ms. Driver for

 consult and schedule info for your special occasion.

 We will be delighted to assist you beautifully.