There is increased intelligence in artistic children because music more fully involves the brain functions in both hemispheres than any other activity.

               - Frank Wilson , Neurologist

  • To The Music 2:58

......... The benefits of Music Education are innumerable.  There's academic, behavioral, emotional, therapeutic, and social benefits from the study and practice of music that have been researched, written about, and lectured on for many years.  Suffice it to say, I agree with Beethoven when he said          " Music is something that you cannot quit".  I always tell my pupils that other areas of study and extracurricular activities are terrific.  Sports are wonderful and can give you much interaction with like-minded peers with a common goal.

     However, with music you always have a return on your investment.  As you grow and mature and become engrossed in the activity of life, work, and family, other areas of youthful interest may dwindle or become simply too physical.  With music, you have a high percentage of opportunity to use what you have learned.  You may not become a professional musician, a concert pianist, or a music teacher.  But, how wonderful if you could play for the Church, or sing and play music with your family, or simply bring peace and relaxation to yourself.

     It is my wish and hope that I instill in you a Love for Music, so that you may be still and listen and be aware of the sounds of nature and beauty that envelop our world.... that you  respect the different genres of music.... that you appreciate and deeply respect our Classical traditions of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and others,... that you will willingly engage in granting the gift of music to those who may not be as fortunate to have had the opportunity you have....that you listen for the beauty as only found in the sound of music.  

     I thank Jesus that He gave us music from the very beginning of time.  It is my desire to serve Him devotedly and use the talents He gave me to minister to others.


                                                                                      Holley L. Driver

Music lessons spur emotional and behavior growth in students.  Washington Post 5/2015

Music Making & Performing builds confidence.  This confidence carries over to other experiences.    - Nick Page


  • Fairest Lord Jesus 2:01

The Beneficial Value of an Education in Music

...and with my song will I praise Him.

       Psalms 28:7

Those who learn instruments learn self-discipline, deal with problem solving skills, and learn to be very goal centered.